Since 1989 Martin Control Services has provided cost effective, reliable monitoring solutions for a wide variety of clients, large and small, public and private.

April 1996 to Present

"Martin Controls has been regularly servicing our flow meters for almost 15 years. This service program has dramatically increased the reliability of the meters, as well as improved the quality of data obtained, and allowed us to bring the data analysis in-house." Aaron Sprague, Director of Operations, Western Township Utility Authority

March 2003 to Present

"The Genesee County Drain Commissioner's Office - Division of Water and Waste Services has contracted with Martin Control Services for the past 8 years for the operation and maintenance of our countywide sanitary sewer flow monitoring network.
They have proven to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of the operation and maintenance of a flow monitoring network along with providing the technical expertise necessary in maintaining a system of our size."   John O'Brien, Division Director, Genesee County Drain Commissioner

1993 to Present

"Double Eagle has been utilizing Martin Controls for many years to monitor and log data for our NPDES Permit.  Their equipment has been very reliable, their response to inquiries has been very prompt, and data supplied to us has been outstanding in accuracy and completeness.  I've been working with Martin Controls for over 10 years and would recommend their services to any company."  Dave Oaks, Environmental Team Leader, Double Eagle Steel Coating Company

January 2005 to Present

?Having worked with Martin Controls for more than ten years on multiple projects, I know that they have the staff, equipment and experience to handle the most complex and challenging sewer metering projects.  They have demonstrated the ability to analyze and solve difficult problems, and can often recommend preventive measures which keep problems from arising.  They are, quite simply, very good at what they do.  I would recommend that sewer utility managers consider Martin Controls for their flow metering needs.?  Dick Hinshon, P.E., President, Hinshon Environmental Consulting, Inc.