All data files are given a password, predetermined by Martin Controls and Customer.

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Left click on your project name from the ?Project Name/Data Access? data files list. This will take you to the page with all of your company's files.

Left click on the file description and date that corresponds to the data you wish to view. After you've accepted our "Terms & Conditions", a "File Download" window should appear on your computer screen asking if you would like to "Open" or "Save" the file to your computer.

Left click on "Save". A "Save As" window will appear indicating where the file will be saved on your computer. You may either save the file to this default location or change to some other preferred destination. (In either case, take note of the file location so you can find it after it has been downloaded to your computer.)

Left click on the "Save" button and the file will start downloading. A window will appear showing the progress of the file being downloaded. The data is compressed into a Zip file and you will need a decompressing or unzipping program on your computer. This is a common program and many computers have unzipping programs on them. If you're not sure double click on the downloaded file and an unzipping program will appear if your computer already has the program. If you need an unzipping program click on the following link to download an evaluation version of WinZip. Download WinZip.

After entering the correct password for the file you wish to open, double click on the data file you wish to unzip and (with most unzipping programs) a window will appear showing the file(s) that are in the zip file.

Click the "Extract" Button and choose where you would like to store the unzipped file (you can also drag and drop the files with Winzip).

Once you choose where to place the unzipped file and you left click "Extract or Unzip", you will be prompted for a password (without a correct password you will not be able to unzip the files). Type in your password and the files will be unzipped and placed in the location you have chosen.

Your file(s) are now unzipped and can be viewed by the appropriate software program.

If you have any questions or are having problems please feel free to contact me Joseph Betz by email or at 586-557-0886.