Double Eagle

Project Date: 
1993 to Present

Double Eagle is home to the largest, continuously operating steel galvanizing facility in the world. Having the ability to analyze and document the quantity of effluent water, which includes storm water run off, from the facility on a regular basis is of utmost importance. Martin Control Sales leases a large flow meter, and temperature and precipitation monitoring equipment to Double Eagle. Martin Control Services performed the initial installation of the equipment, and now maintains and calibrates this equipment on a regular basis to ensure thorough and accurate detailed monthly reports that demonstrate compliance to regulatory authorities.

"Double Eagle has been utilizing Martin Controls for many years to monitor and log data for our NPDES Permit.  Their equipment has been very reliable, their response to inquiries has been very prompt, and data supplied to us has been outstanding in accuracy and completeness.  I've been working with Martin Controls for over 10 years and would recommend their services to any company."  Dave Oaks, Environmental Team Leader, Double Eagle Steel Coating Company